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Feedback from Parents and Students

"My son was struggling to pass his freshman college English course. After he worked with Bob on his writing assignments, my son finished the course with a B. I'm so pleased we found Mr. Coscarelli."

—Tammy M., Highland Park, IL

Reading Student

"My daughter did poorly on the English and reading comprehension portion of the ACT exam. We are in San Diego, California and could not find an ACT tutor for her. I located Mr. Coscarelli through a Google search. After only 6 Skype tutoring sessions with Mr. Coscarelli, Jordyn was able raise her ACT English score by five points. I couldn't be more pleased."

—Joan R., San Diego, CA

ACT SAT Professional Tutoring Services Libertyville, IL, Lake County, IL Chicagoland Tutor 60048

"My job required me to do a great deal of public speaking. Not only did I really hate to speak in front of groups, but I didn't know how to properly give a speech. Bob turned me into a trained speaker. I'd highly recommend him."

—George P., Vernon Hills, IL

We had tried several of the national tutoring services and some individual tutors, but our daughter was still not making much progress. Bob set up a regular study schedule for her, provided her with a series of workbooks, and worked with her regularly online throughout the week for no extra charge. Her grades in English went from a D to a B, and we couldn't be more pleased.

—Margaret, Vernon Hills, IL

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My daughter is in 7th grade and, from the time she was little, she could not pronounce words with the R sound. She had worked continuously with school speech therapists and shown no improvement. After only 2 months work, Bob was able to help her. I can recommend him without hesitation.

—Carol M., Lake Zurich, IL

Practical Speech Therapy Chicagoland Tutor Lake County, IL
Public Speaking Professional Tutoring Services Libertyville, IL, Lake County, IL Chicagoland Tutor 60048

Mr. Coscarelli helped our son boost his ACT scores and his GPA. Adam also struggled to write an effective college entrance and scholarship essay, and with Mr. Coscarelli's assistance, our son was able to earn a scholarship to Iowa State.

—Priya C., Libertyville, IL


"We had only been in the United States since May, and my son's English was very poor. My son was in a group ESL class at his school, but he wasn't improving. Mr. Coscarelli understood his needs extremely well and agreed to work with him on reading, vocabulary, writing, and speaking. My son's English improved dramatically after working together with Mr. Coscarelli." 

—Lan D., Buffalo Grove, IL 

"I am so happy with the results my daughter has had from his sessions. He is very caring, positive and patient. Her speech and confidence is improving. I look forward to her working with him even more in the future with her theater parts! Thank you, Bob, you have been such a blessing and your help is much appreciated."  

—Chris D., Arlington Heights, IL

 Chicagoland Tutor Lake County, IL 60048

"Bob is gifted instructor! While sitting in his classes at CLC, I was awed by his knowledge and insight on the given topic. I was always impressed how well-prepared he was, never 'winging it.' It is truly a pleasure to have had him for a teacher. I would recommend Bob Coscarelli to any parent! He is knowledgeable, approachable, fun, and easy to work with."

—Laura G., Grayslake, IL

College Students in Classroom

Mr. Coscarelli has a very pragmatic approach to the SAT and ACT. He showed me how to apply basic principles and strategies to the reading and writing sections. Tests that I used to find very difficult, became easy. With his help, I was able to significantly raise my score.

—Calvin, Libertyville, IL

Chicagoland Tutor ACT Test Preparation

Passing the PRAXIS exam was critical to getting my teaching license. I couldn't have done it without Bob's help.

—Nick, Libertyville, IL

 Chicagoland Tutor Lake County, IL 60048

My son was having difficulty raising his score on the MCAT-CARS exam.  Bob Coscarelli was instrumental in helping my son pass the exam and get into med school. 

M. Jamison, Lake Forest, IL

"I got a 36 on my ACT reading! After working with Mr. Coscarelli for only one month, my ACT Reading went from my lowest score to my highest! Thanks so much!"

—Emma R., Arlington Hei​ghts, IL

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