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Post-Pandemic Changes

When the COVID pandemic hit, I contemplated terminating all tutoring. Instead, I was able to successfully move all students to online meetings.


As we emerged from the pandemic, the majority of my clients expressed a preference for online tutoring because it offers students greater convenience and a greater choices of meeting days and times.


If you are a high school or college student who lives in Libertyville and prefers a meeting in the same physical location, please contact me, and we can arrange for in-person instruction.

Online Instruction

I have extensive experience teaching online. I was one of the first instructors at our college to design and implement online courses. I have been using online platforms with many of my college, international, and ACT - SAT student​s since I first began tutoring. I will strive to make certain all students receive the same professional instruction and learning materials that they would receive if we were meeting in person.

If you are a new student, I will send you e-books and other handouts and routinely share additional study materials using Zoom, Skype, Drop Box, and screen sharing features.  I will also either drop books off at your home, or if you live further away, mail you books and other learning materials.

Tutoring Libertyville, IL, Lake County, IL 60048
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