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Reason One:  Many colleges have adopted test-optional policies, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which means they no longer require SAT or ACT scores. In the absence of standardized test scores, essays have become even more critical in evaluating applicants.

Reason Two:  Colleges are interested in admitting students who will not only excel academically but also contribute to the campus community and culture. Essays provide insight into a student's personality, values, and how he or she would fit into the school's community.

Reason Three:  Colleges are striving to build diverse student bodies that reflect a range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Essays can help highlight the unique qualities and perspectives that a student brings to the campus community.

Reason Four:  Essays allow applicants to showcase their interests, passions, and experiences. Admissions officers want to see applicants who are genuinely enthusiastic about their chosen field of study or extracurricular activities.

Reason Five:  College admissions have become highly competitive, with more students applying to top schools. As a result, colleges use essays to differentiate between qualified applicants with similar academic profiles.

Reason Six:  Many colleges have moved towards a holistic admissions process, which considers various aspects of a student's application, including essays, extracurricular activities, and recommendation letters, in addition to grades and standardized test scores.

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Throughout my teaching career, I have worked closely with college admissions directors and have a unique understanding what college entrance essays stand out.  I help students create successful college admission application essays and specialize in the construction of the Common App essay, scholarship, and honors college essays. 

I will work with students every step of the way from topic section to the final draft.  I will show students how to reveal to the college admissions office who they truly are and the personality traits that set them apart.  My goal is to help the students use their own authentic voices in their essays and let their unique character shine through and, most importantly, get accepted into the college of their choice.

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