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How much does a tutoring session cost?

Currently, a one-hour tutoring session is $50.  The cost is the same whether we meet in-person or through one of the online meeting platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or any other online platform. 

If I cancel a tutoring session, do I need to pay for the cancelled session?

I always confirm by text our scheduled meeting day and time 24 hours in advance so as long as you cancel the day before, I do not charge for a missed meeting.  While emergencies do occur, please understand that I am holding open that scheduled meeting time, and I must charge for day-of-meeting cancellations

Will tutoring rates increase? 

The rate you start with is the rate you will always pay; I never increase tutoring rates with ongoing students.

How do I pay?

You may use what payment method you prefer. Some clients pay on a per-meeting basis with cash, check, major credit card, or with Zelle or PayPal. Most of my clients prefer to be billed on a monthly basis.

Can I deduct the cost of tutoring on my taxes?

Federal tax laws are constantly changing, so please consult your tax adviser.  I will always send you an itemized statement at the end of each month for your tax records.  Usually if a child has special needs, the parent may deduct tutoring services as a medical expense. 

What age groups do you tutor?

The majority of my students are in middle school, high school, and college, but I will work with any age from elementary to adult.  

Can you tutor any subject?

My subject areas include all areas of English and language arts, standardized testing, public speaking, practical speech therapy, humanities, and ESL instruction. Sometimes students need assistance with history and social studies writing assignments, and I can assist with these, too. I do not have the background to assist in math or science but can recommend other tutors for these disciplines. 

Does a parent need to be present during tutoring?

No. But I do recommend that you frequently monitor our sessions together, request copies of the student's homework assignments, and supervise their work.  I always return all graded assignments and copy the parent on these. 

How much does it cost for books and other learning materials?  

I do not charge for any books or learning materials. I provide all necessary materials free of charge.


Shouldn't the cost of tutoring vary depending on the student's grade level and needs? 

Every student, regardless of age, has unique needs. I prepare materials and lesson plans specifically tailored to each student. While some students do need more help in between our weekly meetings than others, the amount of work required to assist every student is usually about the same, no matter what the grade level. 

Can I change meeting times?

Yes. I always give priority to my current clients and will do my best to accommodate changing schedules. 

How often do you meet with students?

I only accept students who plan to meet on a weekly basis, once a week. While both emergencies and events sometimes interfere with planned meetings, I encourage students and parents to reschedule and make up missed meetings whenever possible.  I do not accept bi-weekly students:  Not only are these almost impossible to schedule, but also the student makes very little progress when he or she meets only twice a month.  I try to keep my hourly rate low in order to insure your child can meet once a week.   Based on the average hourly rate for experienced, qualified instructors in the greater Chicago area, your cost will be about the same for four sessions a month as it would be for two - three sessions a month with other instructors.


Will I always be able to keep the same meeting day and time?

Normally, if you have to cancel any weekly meeting, you will still keep your desired meeting day and time.  If you suspend tutoring for several weeks, I cannot always hold open your meeting day and time.  

How do I confirm that a tutor is qualified?

There are several ways to verify a tutor's qualifications. Many of us who tutor are retired teachers and college professors. The easiest way to verify a tutor's credentials is to contact a retired teacher's school human resource department. I was a full professor at College of Lake County for 23 years, and upon request the CLC human resource department will verify my teaching position and years of experience. Tutors should also undergo background checks. For instance, in order to be listed with the Libertyville School District as a qualified tutor, I have passed the necessary state and federal background checks. Sometimes the best qualification is often simply word of mouth: I always encourage potential clients to talk with other parents about experiences they have had with tutors. 

What do tutors in this area typically charge?

In Chicago and suburbs, qualified private tutors usually charge from $50 to $80 per hour, depending on the subject and years of experience. Commercial learning centers charge between $40 and $80 an hour.  Often, you can find college students who will tutor for less, usually around $25 an hour.  Licensed instructors and retired teachers with many years of teaching experience will generally charge higher rates.  Experienced qualified tutors are in high demand and often have limited availability. As the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for." 

Do you offer any sort of discounts?​

I do not offer any discounted rates:  I keep my prices low, especially when compared to other tutors with the same years of experience as I.  Rather than offer a discount, I choose to offer many free services and guarantee the cost of your tutoring sessions will never increase. 

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